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  • Popular Cherry popper

    Cherry popper

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    We had the absolute pleasure of spending some quality time with the amazing Cherry Hilson. Besides having an infectious smile, Cherry had huge tits and a nice, round, firm booty. Soon after the pleasantries, Cherry teased us by squeezing and bouncing her

  • Popular Twice the heat

    Twice the heat

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    Alice and Ariadna stopped over the other day for some hot foursome fun. These freaky Euro teens were kinky as hell and hot as hell. They were dressed up in heels and looked super sexy. They may have looked like proper ladies, but once they were behind clo

  • Popular Cum for cosima

    Cum for cosima

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    We had the hottest blonde come over to the Cum Fiesta last week. Cosima was her name, and she was bombshell that was all smiles and ready to get down and dirty. Once she showed off her awesome tits, we just had to let her in right away. Cosima had a super

  • Popular Hottie in hosiery

    Hottie in hosiery

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    Olga came by the house looking to stay in the vacant room in the back. She emailed the hunter and told him that she had a kid and needed a place to stay. Once she got there, he told her the price, and she wanted to negotiate it. Olga placed her hand on hi

  • Popular Gimme becky

    Gimme becky

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    I was doing a quick photo shoot last week for a girl that wanted to become a stripper. She was a serious fire cracker and was not shy at all to show off her body and tell me how horny she was. Lucky for her, Tyler stopped by and she went nuts for him. She

  • Popular Lip locked

    Lip locked

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    Brianna just came back from California to stay with her old friend, Shae Summers. Brie just had a relationship with a guy in Cali, and it did not work out. After a day at the beach, they came back to the house. Soon after, they began kissing and undressin

  • Popular Perfect anissa Wednesday

    Perfect anissa Wednesday

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    Anissa came from France to explore Budapest. She didn't have a lot of cash but saw an ad for a place that might deal. She soon arrived at Mike's Apartment where JJ is showed Anissa around all while admiring her fantastic French figure. Anissa's smooth rou

  • Popular Body heat

    Body heat

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    Ariadna came by to check out the apartment and was looking way too hot to be by herself. This twenty-three-year-old was very tall with some serious curves, and she was from Russia. Her travels made her tired, but she soon forgot about it when we got into

  • Popular Tits and Clits

    Tits and Clits

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    The busty and dynamic seductive duo of Brooke and Dillion graced us with their presence this week. It was an absolute honor and pleasure to worship their natural huge melons. The girls superseded all expectations by squeezing, bouncing, smacking and jiggl

  • Popular Turn Me Up

    Turn Me Up

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    Felicia came to visit, and we are so glad she did. Her slim frame was a delight to see. She was one of those girls that would break necks in public. Felicia was informed about her payment options on the way to the apartment. She was all smiles and hard ni

  • Popular Loving Nadia

    Loving Nadia

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    Cherry brought her beautiful and bootylicious friend Nadia along for an ass shaking good time. These two girls were super fine which made them a dangerous duo of good looks. If looks could kill, the camera man would of never made it through the entire sho

  • Popular Clit Kissers

    Clit Kissers

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    Kenna was about to get in the tub when Riley called. Riley told her to just leave the door open, and she'd be right over. Kenna thought she had some time before Riley got there and started masturbating while soaking in the tub. Riley caught her with her h

  • Popular Seductive Regina

    Seductive Regina

    by Admin Added 5,254 Views / 0 Likes

    Regina needed a place to stay for a few days, and after contacting Mikey, we found her the perfect spot. Soon after a brief tour of the apartment, during which JJ was fixated on Regina's amazing body, he offered her the Mikey special. Regina wasn't sure i

  • Popular Booty Buffet

    Booty Buffet

    by Admin Added 5,114 Views / 0 Likes

    Levi finally caught to a hot MILF he'd previously attempted to pounce on but was cock-blocked by her ball and chain. He followed a few leads to a croquet game where Mckenzi was watching her husband play. Levi locked in on her from a nearby bush, and once

  • Popular Sophie Special

    Sophie Special

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    I found myself a really hot tall girl last week just walking home all alone. It turned out she was broke and living with some loser ex-boyfriend who was sleeping on her couch. I convinced her to hop in my car for a ride. She was not wearing a bra, and I c

  • Popular Pussy Keeper

    Pussy Keeper

    by Admin Added 2,285 Views / 0 Likes

    Kaylee was going to win some people over in the adult industry with her big smile and horny excitement. Her excitement was contagious. Kaylee couldn’t wait to get naked and fuck. She was slapping her ass until in was almost as red as her sexy pantie

  • Popular Best Of Breast

    Best Of Breast

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    Serena and Jade were very playful and had bright smiles. They lit up the room as they teased the camera with their sexy bodies and luscious big naturals. They were definitely a combo of awesomeness. Serena and Jade really knew how to make the cock hard. C

  • Popular Downward booty

    Downward booty

    by Admin Added 2,807 Views / 2 Likes

    Layna was a tall, blonde, sexy model with big tits and a curvy ass that was perfect for a photo shoot. Austin was trying to start a career as a photographer and had even been a model himself, so he knew talent when he saw it. He got some great shots, as L

  • Popular Cumming for vienna

    Cumming for vienna

    by Admin Added 2,741 Views / 1 Likes

    Vienna booked a four night stay at one of Mikey's apartments before leaving Czech Republic and also requested car service from the airport. As soon as we picked her up from the airport, we had one goal in mind, and that was to see her sexy ass naked. Soon

  • Popular Nice nips

    Nice nips

    by Admin Added 3,323 Views / 0 Likes

    It was the triumphant return of Molly James and her big natural melons. This time around, she wore a killer tight dress that was no match for her boobs. Just when we thought that she couldn't possibly look any hotter, she took off her dress and revealed h

  • Popular Cock rocked

    Cock rocked

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    Veleria accidentally locked her purse, keys and phone inside of her car. She was standing outside next to her car trying to figure out what to do when we parked close to her. After a few minutes, she approached us and asked to use our phone. That was our

  • Popular Body in motion

    Body in motion

    by Admin Added 9,127 Views / 2 Likes

    This week on Money Talks, we went to the beach with some googly eyes and found some hot ladies willing to paste them on all over their bodies. Have you ever seen google eyes on titties? How about some vag googly eyes? Then it was back to the shop where Es

  • Popular TeensLoveHugeCocks - Touching tali

    TeensLoveHugeCocks - Touching tali

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    The tall thin teenager, Tali, was constantly searching for the biggest cock she could find. Luckily for her, Chris was around to fill her wants and needs. While she waited for him to arrive, she couldn't stop herself from masturbating in anticipation. Tal

  • Popular Jizz On My Mouth

    Jizz On My Mouth

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    We had a super hot Russian girl staying at the apartment last week by the name of Gina. She had stayed before and knew the drill. Gina got in the room and wanted to get right to the payment of the apartment. We even gave Gina some toys to play with. This